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Sentimental Chaos Episode 001

Pilot Episode of Sentimental Chaos. Check out for events, photos and sponsor links. Enjoy!

MaddyCO Proudly sponsors Kikwear.  Check out the new line at

MaddyCO Proudly sponsors Kikwear.  Check out the new line at



Trance Trance take me away, lift me up out of this dismay.

House oh house make my feet move, not just a shuffle but an actual groove. 

Electro electro tingle my spine, just make me feel ever so fine.

Dubstep oh dubstep…make me rage, feel the force of my body’s waves.

Electronic music is my soul.


I Am Sammie Jo. I'd like to say: What music means to me.


Music sends me in a trans of pure emotion and feeling. Its like my ears , body mind , soul are all one. Its my purest state of being. Im completely vournalble. Its like being naked and dancing in the rain when i make music. When i create a good song,medleys or lyrics. Sometimes i dont know where…